How many Yahoo Small Business e-mail addresses can be connected to a single Yahoo (free) account?

Several years ago when we set up our company web page, four different staff members got "business e-mail addresses" using our custom domain name and Yahoo Small Business hosting email service. But before we could give a Small Business e-mail to each person, Yahoo required each person had their own personal Yahoo account to "connect" or "anchor" their Y Small Business e-mail addresses to.

Currently each person has one personal Yahoo account (, and then one business e-mail address ( connected to that account.

Now that we are changing web domain names, and redirecting our old web page visitors to a newly-named webpage in a new Yahoo Small Business account, we will be getting new business e-mail addresses to match the new website domain name.

Each person will have a new Yahoo Small Business e-mail address, but they will also need to access their old e-mails under their old Small Business e-mail address. We will still maintain the old Small Business account, just not use it as a web page, so the old e-mails won't disappear.

MY QUESTION: Is it as easy as attaching yet another, different Yahoo Small Business e-mail address to each person's existing Yahoo profile, even if they already have one small business e-mail associated with that profile? Then, each person's personal Yahoo account will have two different Small Business e-mail addresses, from two different Small Business custom domain names, associated with their profile instead of just one as they are currently.

This would be much less complicated than having to create all-new personal Yahoo accounts for each staff just to give them a new Yahoo Small Business e-mail address.

Thank you.

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Hey there,

Adding another Yahoo! Business Mail that uses another domain is the exact same as adding the first business email account.

As long as the business email accounts have separate domain names, you can add as many accounts to one Yahoo! ID as you like.

Just in case you need it, you can check out how to add new email accounts at

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It may not be unlimited, but you can add quite a few to one account. I have about 10 connected to one. - info@, contact@, admin@ ... etc.

Yahoo also does offer a "catch all" email. You can use this for your old domain. Reassign all the old emails to a catch all account - i.e. the manager - then the manager can sit there and forward all the old emails to their new address, if needed.

I can probably help you with this. Just email me. Im talking about just tip me kind of price.


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