how do I access business mail from yahoo?

I have both a Yahoo small business email account and this Yahoo email account. I am getting username/password conflicts when trying to log on to the business account from the web. MS Outlook does fine. I can send and receive email from the business account just fine using Outlook. It is a POP3 account with the username: Can you help resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried going to and then logging in using your personal e-mail name and password? After clicking to sign in, you should be taken directly to your small business emails. That is, if your small business e-mail is linked to your personal Yahoo...

9 months ago

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If your Business Email user is associated with a Yahoo! ID, you'll be able to use the same password to access the account in the Yahoo! web-based Mail services.

If your Business Email user is a stand-alone user, you will not have access to the account through the web-based Mail services.

To confirm the status of your Business Email account, please contact the administrator of your service.

For more details on the two ways to create a Business Mail user, check out:

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