Seperate personal login from business email?

Employee's personal email login "" is tied with business email "". She is leaving our company and I need to unlink it, she will continue to use her personal yahoo account and I want to keep her business email account for a while and then in future I could delete
Please advise how I can seperate these relationship between these emails?

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So it means you are subscribed to Yahoo! Smallbusiness, right? They are the ones to properly assist you with the concern. Call them at 1-408-916-2130.


10 months ago

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What you'll need to do is go into your business control panel ay, sign in with yahoo ID and select email control panel then you'll be able to see all of the emails that youve added to your business, you need to delete hers. All emails will be deleted though so she will need to back up anything important first.


by Confucia2000 - 10 months ago

Just some advice to make sure someone from Yahoo Small Business can verify that you won't lose all of the old e-mails when you "disassociate" the business address from the personal one, unless you don't care to access old e-mails any more. I don't have an answer to that, will be watching your question thread myself...

by HHR - 10 months ago