I have a business website and my email connected with the same username and password. How do I separate them?

I want someone to update my yahoo! business website however, I don't want them to have my username and password to my email account. Is there an easy way to separate the two?

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You do not need to separate your accounts in order to have someone help you design your site. Depending on the level of access your developer needs we have a couple of solutions.

If your developer only needs FTP access so they can upload your new site files to our servers, you can set them up as an FTP user in the Password Manager. Instructions can be found at

If you would like to give your developer full administrator access to your Web Hosting account, you can set them up as an administrator using the Access Manager. When you set a user up in the Access Manager they will log in using their Yahoo! username and password, and they will not have any access to your personal email, or your billing information. For instructions on setting up an Access Manager user please see our help page at

If you need further assistance, we are always here to help. Please contact us at

12 months ago