Where do I see a list of yahoo accounts for our small business?

Would like to see employee who have a yahoo account set up alread. One person did not accept his accoount and i need to reactivate a letter

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Hey Vanessa, it sounds like you are looking for your Email Control Panel for your Yahoo! Small Business services. To get there you will start at:

This page is your Business Control Panel and from here, you will click on the link for "Email Control Panel". You can also get here from your business mailbox as well. Here are the directions for that process:

"How do I access the Email Control Panel?"

From this control panel, you can see the email users who have not activated their accounts and listed under the "Pending" status, you will see a link to resend the invitation. If you have any issues with this process, you can contact us by going here:

We hope this helps and good luck!


12 months ago