still can't access business email and note others having same problem. Fix it please!?

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Hey Nancy, sorry to hear you are unable to access your business email. From you post, we aren't able to completely discern what issue you are having so here are some thoughts.

The first question we ask would be, are you having issues accessing the email connected to your business email? If you are able to access your email then here are some instructions for toggling back and forth from your free email to your business email:

"How do I sign in to my Yahoo! Business Email account?"

Another way to get into your business email would be to go to replacing "" with the domain for your business. This should drop you into your business mailbox.

If these still do not resolve the issue you are having then we would want to troubleshoot this issue a little further by speaking to you over the phone. When you speak to us over the phone, we will need to ask you some account security verification questions before we can test, replicate, and fix whatever is effecting your mailbox. You can find our contact details or to schedule a callback by going here:

We hope this helps and good luck!


1 year ago