Why is there, today, no link to my secondary yahoo business email on my main yahoo email page?

Normally there would be the name of my business email over on the left side where I could click it to go there. Today it is not there, for the first time. I've been using the new email regularly although I was changing to it when I logged in each time. Now it is going directly to the new version. I pulled the drop down menu under my name on the right where it says 'Hi, Gina' and the name of my other email shows up at the bottom of the list but when I click it it just refreshes my current email screen. I can't find any way to even go to my business email right now.

I tried logging in to the business email directly and it still takes me only to my first yahoo email account.

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Hey Gina, sorry to hear you are having issues getting into your small business mailbox. Since this issue sounds like we will need to go through some troubleshooting steps, we will need to speak to you directly over the phone so we can ask you some security verification questions for your account.

Whenever you are available, you can contact us by going to:

We hope to hear from you soon!


1 year ago