Issues Verifying Business - Physical and Mailing Address are Different?


I am trying to claim my business. When I get to the verification option, it only gives me the mail option, the only address that I can send it to is the listing address.

What do I do if I am not able to receive mail at my business' physical address? I have a mailing address, but am not able to enter it.


if possible please copy with any responses. Cheers.

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Hi Dave,

Please note Yahoo! Answers is not a direct line to any Yahoo! support team. All questions posted on Yahoo! Answers are public and can be seen by anyone on the internet. With that in mind we recommend that you never put personal information like an email address in a Yahoo! Answers post.

We are sorry you are having difficulty verifying your business. To contact the support team for Yahoo! Local Listings please complete the form at for help with this issue.

1 year ago