Error establishing a database connection?

My site appears to be off line. There is no help on Yahoo to address this. Contact me or I will terminate my account (in other words, no more money every month from me, understand?).
Thanks for the answer - however I did finally speak to a human being at Yahoo and he was able to address the error message and corrupted databases that popped up for some unknown reason on my site. I apologize for my tone but I spent 45 minutes in a Help Page loop with no progress and so was frustrated. I finally found an 800 number from an email I got from Yahoo. You really do need to make it easier to speak to an actual person in Help and Support. Thanks again.

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Our apologies for the downtime, Anthony. As you may know, some of our customers experienced intermittent database connection issues today. At this time, though, we're please to say that the issue as been resolved.

For future reference, you can find information on any current issues affecting Yahoo! Small Business accounts at, and get in touch with us at for 24/7 support.

Thank you for your understanding, as well as your patience while we worked to get things fixed.


1 year ago