What can I do with my website built with Site-builder that won't publish?

I've re-installed Site-builder and Java three or four times in the past few days. Once it starts, it publishes EVERYTHING every time. The first time it took 36 hours, next time 10 hours, last time 9 hours. It did eventually publish correctly. This is a website in honor of my two dead sons who were killed in a car accident on their way home from high school on 03/03/03. I've been using this website to keep their memories alive and to help with my overwhelming grief and sadness. It's become more of a family oriented website over the years. My parents read it every day. Last week, I talked to someone at Yahoo who told me about clearing "site.xml." That seems to work for a short time, then after I try to publish again, it gets filled up with code. Is there a fix for this? Should I copy the code and put it on here somewhere? I've been doing this website for almost 9 years, have 17,000 KB of data and have never had such a problem last for so long. Maybe it's time to quit. Before I do that any suggestions would be extremely welcome. Thanks.

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Hi Donna, sorry you're still having trouble publishing with Yahoo! SiteBuilder.

The code you see inside the site.xml file is the information that SiteBuilder uses to verify what has previously been published and what has not. When you start the publish, SiteBuilder checks that file to see what it needs to send to the server.

If that file is unreadable or ends up with corrupted data or is cleared out, then SiteBuilder will publish all files because it doesn't recognize that anything has previously been sent to your hosting server. From your description of the issue it seems that file had bad data or was unreadable. The resolution for this would be to clear the data inside that file site.xml and then select the option in SiteBuilder to publish all files so site.xml can re-write itself with a full upload. This would then give SiteBuilder a reference to pull from the next time it goes to publish, so it filling back up again with code is a good sign.

If this did not resolve the publishing issue, please contact us at so we can help you troubleshoot further. We definitely want to help get you publishing properly.


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