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    WordPress through Yahoo! Small Business?

    So I wanted to get started with WordPress (not the free thing on Wordpress.com, but the one where you download files and install them) but I'm having a bit of trouble. So I went to WordPress.org and downloaded the files they told me I needed and moved them to a subdirectory in my Yahoo server (there were a lot of files). After all the files were uploaded (I used FTP through Dreamweaver) I followed some more instructions by WordPress.org and they told me to a page which should get everything installed. I tried and it came up with a bunch of errors and recommended that I check to see if my host (Yahoo) had a WordPress domain/database already set up. I looked around and saw the WordPress feature (which I have been ignoring up until now) in the control bar and went through a few easy steps and...got a blog activated. I went back and tried to run that install page again (wp-admin/install.php) and it said WordPress was installed. Here is where I got confused: I knew from the start that WordPress was a blogging thing but I was under the impression that it could be used to supplement my existing website (through Yahoo) as a web design tool without the need to use the blog portion. So now that I uploaded over 9MB worth of files to the server, what do I do with them? It seems like the simple process I went through to set up WordPress (in Yahoo) would automatically generate the necessary files for WordPress to function, but would the files I uploaded manually get in the way or would they be overwritten as I use WordPress? I've tried contacting Yahoo about this but they just keep referencing the steps I already accomplished to set up the blog portion. This is all reletively new to me so I don't now if I'm doing it right or just making things harder for myself.
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    Domon, Yahoo! Web Hosting provides a built-in installer for WordPress. It can be accessed through the Blog Manager, found in the Manage tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel. This will allow you to install WordPress to a subdirectory of your choosing. Once WordPress is installed, you can access the dashboard through the Blog Manager or by visiting the blog directly and clicking "Log-in" under the Meta section. For more information on running WordPress on the Yahoo! servers, please check out http://help.yahoo.com//l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/webhosting/wordpress/ The manual installation of WordPress may also work, but requires more configuration and is not something with which we can directly assist. If you are concerned it may interfere with your current site, you can carefully remove the files uploaded for it through the File Manager or an FTP client. Be sure not to remove any files needed for your regular website. If you need assistance installing WordPress or accessing the Blog Manager, please contact us at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/contactus
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