how do i get self employed?

regarding the alarming state of unemployment among the Youth . It is going to be a cold hard facts that you might not like to hear , over 16 millions of Americans were jobless now , with the statistics gathered . The way to self-employed and riches , is not about having money , but developing the ability or knowledge that can produce unending riches , that is why the world’s richest folks out there did not stated with money , but with what they have and vision , driven by the ability , information and reacting to it . Having this attitude towards success , is a great way to set yourself on a rewarding course for your future . You have the ability right now to accomplish more than you ever you have before , there is no honor for those who never tried , because there is no Education for them since there is nothing learn from . I must state it categorically here that self-employed is an art that involves the release of self commitment and focus in order to attain a higher reward or a higher value ; people that don’t want to make mistakes in life or in their investment , end up being poor . You must be ready to fail in order to be successful , because daring steps are not taken against flat plain , they are taken against a brick wall . Many unemployed still hovering around vacancy pages of our national dailies. Job ? What is the essence of the course read in school or creative/ other knowledge acquired ? You couldn’t go through yourself , ask if the course you read or knowledge acquired , is not for my own good? , Why is it lying idle in hands ? I knew of a boy who acquired a certificate course on EVENT MANAGEMENT , having searched for a job for 4 years ; luckily he 0came across my article like this on one of the National Newspaper , he picked up the idea and made a different with it . He present a hand book on How To Make Your Event Look Attractive And Different . He sold over half a million Copies of the book , use your calculator , if he sell a copy for $10 x 500,000 copies , check out what the earnings look like .

Firstly , he started with offering free consultancy and Event Management services to his friends , his girl friend , took up the task of client building and advertorials , today he owns one of the largest Event Management Empire , in his country . Occasion to Occasion .

Now let me come to the area I have Passion in , Media and Publishing , this is the a Gold mine of its own , if 9discover the secret , you were on your way to make an overwhelming wealth , even millions of dollars . If appeared with a solution to a problem to millions out there . Firstly , you need to came out with your first impression to start from there , you first impression might hit the market . Can’t get it done alone , choose few of your friends who are capable , add to yourself , you can’t create the creative work , there are God-giving talented creative writers , who can develop one for you in a time schedule , purchased with a Letter of Credit agreement . After the completion of the Publishing , the first huge return will came from the launching , still sell your work for more high margin of profit . I must confess , Educational books is on the track now , not minding if it is motivational , Religion , Kitchen or general Education book . Kudos to Online marketing activities .

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When it comes to finding ways to earn money, consider a Denver (Colorado, USA) woman that lost her upper management job. She started a simple business picking up dog droppings that led to earnings of over $75,000 a year, working outside, setting her own hours, and could be done using a bicycle as transportation. It is also something a child age 10 and up can do alone, an adult can do, or a whole family can do together. This article describes how.

In this economy, you need to think outside box. Companies are refusing to take applications from the unemployed resulting in many giving up.

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