Problems with Yahoo! small business email on iPhone?

I have a Yahoo! small business email ( with Yahoo, and I have an iPhone (3G), and I've got the following problems:
1- It does not show all the folders in that small business email account, only the original folders are shown, the custom created folders do not show.
2- Does not read the (read/unread) status from the server, i.e. when it downloads the emails from the server, they are all marked as unread, even if I have read them already on my PC
3- It is slow, really slow

All these observations are made as opposing to the Yahoo! account (, on my Yahoo! account, the iPhone reads the (read/unread) status, can see all folders and is way faster.

I would like to know whether these problems are from Yahoo!, or is it just me (misconfiguration or something else), if its just me (or at least, not everyone) I would like to know how to resolve these matters, if its a problem from Yahoo, I would like to know if this issue is being considered or not, and when should we expect a solution


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Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your business mail account. Your messages are downloaded using the Post Office Protocol, or POP. Unfortunately, POP does not support folders, nor does it recognize whether the message has been read or not. If you'd like more information on POP and getting the most out of it, please visit our POP information page at


3 years ago