Can't reach customer service in Yahoo Small Business despite the fact I've had a Yahoo domain for over 1 year?

Got this crazy spammy email about my Yahoo domain needing to be renewed for $75 -- its not from Yahoo at all, someone from

Meanwhile, every single month $12.95 is billed to my credit card by Yahoo services. Funny thing, when I log into my email, I can alternate my user id with the one on my domain ( and check emails, but when I click on the account I get nothing.

If I try to access Yahoo Small Business customer service I get a message saying, "Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Small Business services associated with the Yahoo! ID barbslyz."


I'm not happy. I don't live in the U.S., so I can't just pick up the phone and call them. Can someone give me a real email address for customer service. Otherwise, I'm going to dispute every single one of those $12.95 charges until I get satisfaction.

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If you are receiving that message when attempting to access your Yahoo! Small Business account it may be that you are attempting to login with a Business Email user account and not with the owner or an administrator account. Please email us at and we will do our best to help you regain access to your account.


3 years ago