how 2 become a assassin?

id like 2 know how some one would become a assassin. not saying i want to be 1 but im just wonderin

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A person who kills people with a sudden and secret attack would be considered as an assassin.

3 years ago

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u kill ppl.

by J.W. - 3 years ago

you become a ninja spaceman, then you ask superman if you can be his enemy, so then he'll say no. and you'll be like "uh yes i am!" and he'll be like "uh no you aren't!"
and so you kill a bunch of people,
and waallaaaa, super assassin man.

by Kayla - 3 years ago

An assassin is a murderer, esp. one who kills a prominent political figure. They do it for many complex reasons. Some are psychopaths. The real motivation behind the killings differs. Some do it for monetary benefits. Some do it for the fear of harassing his or her family by a cult or organization behind such movements. Some lunatic thinks themselves as a hero and they are doing it for the recognition and praise of the superiors within their organization. In most cases, terrorist organizations brainwash the assassin and falsely promise them that they are doing a heroic activity in the name of God, etc. They promise the (mostly) young assassin that if they won the action, they will be a hero or leader in their community who everyone respect them like a King. Immature persons fall prey for such motivation and do the kills.

by Gopakumar Rajan - 3 years ago