How much can I make by selling watches on Ebay?

Hi, I wanna know How much can I make by selling watches on Ebay? I live in Atlanta,GA and I have some expensive watches like Breitling ,Rolex ,Rado ,Tag Heaur but they r all First copy means not pure original.They cost me around $200 and more So I would definitely wanna sell them at $50/piece profit. I can Exchange it if customer doesn't like it But is it legal to sell first copies.How much it costs to place my ad on Ebay bid? Pls reply ,Thnx!!!

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You can not mention the name-brand or your ad will be pulled off. You have to be clear what you are selling. When you are honest, there is no way for you to make the $50 you want to make.

3 years ago

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it cost about 35 cents to $2 for an ad
ive seen some people sell things for very cheap, like the price was too good to be true BUT the shipping price cost about $200 so maybe u wanna try that trick
if u dont wanna try that trick just do free shipping caz ppl like free shipping, u want to sell the watch for $50 sell it for $55 the extra $5 is shipping cost

by Tonytigger - 3 years ago

EBay will suspend your account, and you will have wasted the money you spent on it.

You did know the fine for being in possession of a fake watch, or other product is $5000 per item. “Dude you are getting a cell”.

Even in Hong Kong they just show you a photograph of the watch. If you want the watch, the guy will call his friend, who will show up with the watch in hand in about 2 min. They do this because not only will the police confiscate his watches, but he will be fined so much per watch.

by Captain Obvious - 3 years ago