Sitebuilder publish says Unable To Contact Server...why?

Yahoo are idiots, I have had two techs cut me off while trying to find out why I cannot publish from their product Sitebuilder. I have on my own determined it is them not answering on the (Server) other end, but they don't try to fix it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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Have you checked if any Firewalls or AV on your computer is blocking connection to the server? Your router can also have some Firewall on it blocking the connection. Try disconnecting your router from the modem and directly connect the modem to the computer. Also, internet service providers can prohibit communication required to connect to the server. Whoever is providing you internet services could be the ones blocking the ability for the connection to the server.

If all fails you can always install SiteBuilder to another computer on a separate network and import your website.


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Could use a little more info:
1) What Operating System is your version of Sitebuilder installed on?
- Sitebuilder is not optimized for Vista or Windows 7, and installation method can lead to eventual (but not necessarily instant) issues.
2) Where is your Sitebuilder installed?
- If you installed it to Program Files (the default install location) on Vista or Window's 7, this is very likely your problem -- security changes in the later versions of Windows cause publishing and connection issues. This can sometimes be resolved by uninstalling the program, and reinstalling to a separate drive. This will /not/ disrupt your site files.
3) Are you running the most recent version of Java by
- older versions loved to leave copies of themselves loaded, and just install new versions on top of this. Sometimes uninstalling all versions of Java and then reinstalling Sitebuilder to grab the most stable version helps. Much of Sitebuilder depends on Java, and an out of date version can cause issues.
4) Have you tried clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history of Internet Explorer (even if you don't normally use IE)?
- Sitebuilder will use part of the same internet cache used by IE, and this can corrupt
5) Have you tried logging into your Yahoo! account via a browser? If you /do/ use IE, and your login cookie corrupts, this can cause connection errors.

Beyond this, the previous notes about Anti-Virus and Firewall tools also apply. Trying with them disabled, or manually entering the product to their whitelist/safelists can resolve connection issues as well.


by Tech Support Dude - 3 years ago

MS XP Media Ed. V 2002 V 5.1
Java 1.6.0_ 22 (latest update)
IE-8 SP3

SiteBuilder V 2.2.7
Installed at C:\DocumentsandSettings\cks\Desktop\SiteBuilder. Note this is were it has been since installed in 2005. However, the Yahoo tech wanted it installed in C:\ProgramFiles\SiteBuilder. When it was installed there it could not be accessed. I changed it back to the Documentsand Settings location. Found my Sites and copied them over to where they could be accessed thru SB from the Desktop.

I did a Restore Point today. This uninstalled Mozilla, Filezilla and the new Browser Maxthon that Dean had me install. (I like it very much by the way). I'm leaving all these uninstalled for the time being.

I have done all the disabling of anti virus and firewalls, and unchecked the secure sign in option. When attempting to publish.

Here is the message I get when I try to Publish from SB. "Unable to contact sign-in server"

" windows sockets error: 0"

I hope you can see this reply as I cannot figure out how to "Answer" your questions without posting like this.

Hope this helps you. Thanks Tech Support Guy for your reply.

by ck in tx - 3 years ago