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    Im an 18 year old male and want to leave home but i DONT have money,job or an education. im in THE process of GETTING a g.e.d. and im wondering if there's something i can join to get me away from home. i dont want to be in THE army or anything associated with military. you know how girls can leave home by beccoming nuns... Im wondering if THEY HAVE SOMETHING for guys like join a church group or something. If anyone knows anything i can do besides joining the army, please HELP.
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    If your home life is that unbearable: 1. Job corps 2. Peace corps 3. U. S. Military
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • 1. get education 2. get job 3. save money for a deposit and first month rent, food, etc. on living situation 4. find reliable roommates to share rent 5. assemble your own things needed to set up house 6. get friends to help you move 7. move in to new place This is why many people in their twenties are still living with their parents.

      by Daphne - 15 hours ago

    • get a job you bum, i did it when i was 18... got an appt with my 2 college friends and finished seinor year on my own working 30 hrs a week... unless you get a job your only option is a homeless shelter.

      by Peyton Hillis - 15 hours ago

    • is this a serious question... become homeless

      by Sara - 15 hours ago

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