Why don't bag and luggage shops do bag trades?

I work in a bag shop and there's always the person who asks if they can trade their bag for one of ours.
Sometimes they really are serious too!

I'm getting tired of this stupid question. Anyone have a smart answer to this? Not smart @$$ though, I don't want to get fired.
And what if they ask if they can trade their old bag for one of our new ones? They always ask this.

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Some people seem to think bags are like a commodity, you know, like stock. It's weird how people can be. And you can always say to them you'd be happy to do that, tell them that you don't currently have any available for trade but you can hold their bag until someone brings in one of their old bags to trade. After you say that, you'll see on their face that their little brain is clicking along seeing if they should do that - just let them think on it for awhile and go handle other business.

edit: another thing you could simply say to them is "Well, I see your bag has had some good use and it is nicely broken in. You know, I really don't think it would be a fair exchange, yours is such a nice bag, and since ours is so very new and pretty, and well, you know it's not even broken in. I'd be happy to sell you one of these nice new ones and that way you could have both. Is that the bag you are interested it? That would work now, wouldn't it, would you like me to ring you up." Again, their little brain would start calculating ... it's fun this.


4 years ago