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    Is Turbo Tax really that easy to use?

    I see the commercials on just about every channel on how easy it is to use. I wish they would actually show what type of questions are asked in details to give me a good idea. I am self employed from home and have to manage personal and business related info for deductions, and I really do not trust that my CPA is doing all she can to give me the best discounts (especially since I make little money but owe thousands of dollars in taxes per year). After taxes are paid I hardly have any money left which doesn't seem correct to me. Plus I have created my own script that sorts out all of my business expenses by category, so all of the numbers are added up already and just have to be inserted into the tax fields so I am sure I should be able to do that. However I am afraid to risk doing it myself if there is something I do not understand, since such a mistake could cost me thousands of dollars. I am located in TN, USA btw.
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    turbo tax is probably the worst tax program out there on the market, even the known credits that most people are entitled to, it will short change people on their refunds not just by a few dollars but hundreds. If your not pleased with your CPA then why not look for someone else? If you do not make quarterly tax payments you might want to consider it. Your right even a simply mistake can causes you thousands of dollars not to mention an audit which can take up valuable time. A tax program is only as good as the persons knowledge of tax, there are many deductions that these tax programs do not point to for a lack of a better word, if you do not already know your allowed to take them. Im pretty sure you can try turbo tax for free, just get your refund amount and compare that to what your CPA comes up with. Its also true some CPA just want the money and don't try to make their customer happy, but that can be said for other tax preparers. Ask your CPA questions, audit your return, even though a CPA does your return, ultimately your responsible for what goes on there. Federal tax doesn't make a difference of what state you reside, state taxes are the only thing that differs from state to state. Go with God.
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    • TurboTax is very easy to use and very accurate for the average taxpayer doing his personal returns. In your case, however, where you've got a business, with self-employment income and personal and business funds mixed ... I really think having an actual person sit down with you and do it would be beneficial. The online sites are made for the average, uncomplicated return. I own my own business and I pay a professional to sort out my business return for me every year. My kids and their spouses all do their own personal returns via TurboTax.

      by rtfm - 17 hours ago

    • you can find it in tools on this website http://sitefinance2010.notlong.com/8AA3FQr

      by ? - 17 hours ago

    • personally I do not like Turbo Tax. For me, I use Tax Act online. It is FREE, and easy to use:)

      by RWKING - 17 hours ago

    • I used Turbo Tax in 07' (very easy to use) got back 1,093 dollars in 08' went to a tax guy...got back 3,874 dollars, the only thing that changed with my income from 07' to 08' was the date....my tax guy refiled my 07' taxes and got me another 1,767 dollars.....

      by T - 17 hours ago

    • Turbo tax was made a bit tougher than it should have been, but is Usable. The IRS rules are what makes turbo tax and other softwares difficult to use. I can say that on an earlier edition of this program, there were only one or two steps or instances that were not well defined, or the instructions could have been interpeted to cause a mistake. You also have to figure that the majority of these other people are 1040 ez Its pretty simple really.

      by NONYA - 17 hours ago

    • i get a w-2 from my job and file online with turbo tax , it takes like 10 minutes. you copy numbers off your w-2 and give them your ID numbers, it is pretty easy. i am not a genius or anything.

      by Tiny Dan - 17 hours ago

    • i think it is very easy to use everything is in detail and you can do a test run before submitting it

      by stringer1016 - 17 hours ago

    • i have used it for years and yes..piece of cake...they ask questions...u fill in answers...that is if u know the answers

      by tweet2b - 17 hours ago

    • ..

      by Ryan - 17 hours ago

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