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    has anyone used Turbo Tax recently?

    this is my first time e filing and with turbo tax. i have a few questions i was hoping someone could shed some light for me... im feeling a little clueless, and i really dont want to mess up my tax return, so here are my questions (i know its a lot, sorry!) -how accurate is turbo tax when filing online? is it pretty self explanatory? -i read that you have an option to pay the turbo tax fee upfront using a debit/credit card or you may have the fees deducted from you federal tax return, but it'll have to go through santa barbra bank trust then its deposited into your account... if i choose to pay the fees upfront using my debit card, will it still have to go through santa barbra bank? or will it be deposited into my account straight from the irs? how does that actually work? -will i get my federal and state deposited into my account at the same time? -what about my stimulus check? can i efile that too with turbo tax? -using turbo tax, how long does it actually take to recieve your funds if you chose direct deposit? -is turbo tax really trustworthy as far as showing you all the eligible tax credits you may recieve? -is there any faxing, or mailing paperwork involved? -is turbo tax the best way to e-file especially for 1st time users? ok i think thats it... this is my 1st time filing taxing on my own you guys so im just a little nervous and i want everything to go smoothly... ANY ANSWERS OR YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH TURBO TAX IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS EVERYONE!
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    Turbo Tax is fabulous for filing taxes... fabulous. I've used it many, many times, and have always gotten a great tax return. In fact, I've often gotten people a better tax return with Turbo Tax then those people got from their tax man. Turbo Tax is very accurate, and very good at finding you all of your deductions. It's a simple step-by-step interview process. Trying to go through Santa Barbara Bank and Trust can be a total pain. Usually, they want to charge you to "eFile" through them, but the truth is... it's easier to just print out the forms and mail them. Not only will it save you $30, but you'll usually get the return in about 14 days WITHOUT using eFile (but you do have to choose the direct deposit choice to get it that quickly. Otherwise it can take up to 6 weeks). You can get your federal and state deposited directly into your account, even if you mail it. Near the end, Turbo Tax will ask you for your bank account information (all of which can be found on any of your checks), and once you enter it, it will be printed on the second page of your tax return. That's how the government direct deposits those refunds into your account. (The same thing will happen with your stimulus check... in fact, Turbo Tax does have a question in it's program to deal directly with the stimulus check.) Turbo Tax is made by Intuit... which makes QuickBooks. Therefore, it is backed by one of the best software companies out there. You can definitely trust them. Efiling will cost you $30... snail mail is free and will only take about 6 days longer to get than efiling. (No faxes are involved... it's all done through Turbo Tax.) Hope this helps.
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    • Yes i used it by the help of this site,Its a reliable for it.

      by same - a day ago

    • TurboTax works just fine as long as you input the correct data. If you are totally clueless about tax returns, you need to get help from a knowledgeable party. Most problems with tax software are caused by user error. Your federal and state returns are separate entities processed by different government agencies. The refund timelines are not related.

      by Woof - a day ago

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