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    1099 Misc Questions and W9 Form questions?

    1099 Misc Questions What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NJ I will be giving out alot of expensive online freelance work (>$600) and have a few questions. 1)Am i allowed to ask them for there tax id number online instead of mailing them a w9form? 2)Am i allowed to put a PO box for my address on the w9 form and put my business name as my name on it? 3)Am i allowed to put a PO box for my address on the 1099misc form and put my business name as my name?
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    1. You need more information than just their tax ID number, but you "may establish a system for" them "to submit Forms W-9 electronically" See requirements at the end of this answer. 2 and 3. Only if the business is paying them. Not if the payments are from you personally and not from the business. Requirements for an "Electronic system" for submissions of W-9 forms: "Generally, the electronic system must: Ensure the information received is the information sent, and document all occasions of user access that result in the submission; Make reasonably certain that the person accessing the system and submitting the form is the person identified on Form W-9, the investment advisor, or the introducing broker; Provide the same information as the paper Form W-9; Be able to supply a hard copy of the electronic Form W-9 if the Internal Revenue Service requests it; and Require as the final entry in the submission an electronic signature by the payee whose name is on Form W-9 that authenticates and verifies the submission. The electronic signature must be under penalties of perjury and the perjury statement must contain the language of the paper Form W-9. "
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    • You need the W-9 form *or* it's equivalent. The form is far more than their name, address and SSN. It also includes a signed declaration that they are a US person, aren't subject to any backup requirements, etc. If you don't get the form, how will you know? If the IRS determines the person was subject to 28% or 30% withholding, then YOU have to make up the difference.

      by Quick Answers - 18 hours ago

    • 1. I wouldn't. What type of encryption do you have in place to insure the privacy of the social security number? Email is inherently unsecured. If none, you may actually be liable under some laws of failing to secure private information. So don't. 2. Yes, PO Boxes are fine, and many businesses use them. 3. Yes, see above.

      by Chuckie O - 18 hours ago

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