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    I need to figure out a address for my business...help?

    I am currently working out of my home and eventually have a store front. It is a mobile electronic repair business. And I do not want the address to be my home address to be my business address because i do not want people showing up at my door step. I want the address so i can set up a business Facebook and LinkedIn account. Also so i can get registered on Google maps when people search in my area for my service.
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    At one time PO Box services like the UPS store or cheaper independents, which allowed you to give a Suite or Unit # for your box were adequate to get Google Places listings, it seems now that they are not able to rank well. Still you may find some addresses on street view that list several business names, which turn out to be one of these services, price may start at about $15/mo. There are also cheap toll free phone number services that forward to your number, there are also local number forwarding services that may be as cheap as $1 a month to obscure your home#, Google Voice is a possibility as well. You might also setup at least a Doing Business As name, it doesn't provide the protection of an LLC but allows you to more easily get an EIN for taxes instead of using your SS#.
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