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    Where is the best place (site) to start a blog?

    I am thinking of starting a blog. What are the things to look for when choosing the site to build from?
    a year ago 8 Answers

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    You may basically use your Facebook Notes and Google + to blog. But the top 2 most used blogging site is WordPress and Blogger. WordPress Pros: Ease to use with little you can mess up. Cons: Less customization and a bit fussy with adding certain features. Blogger Pros: Publish anywhere, huge community, images, video, edit HTML/CSS, template designer, track traffic stats in Blogger, Adsense at no charge Cons: While Blogger is where many writers (including Dear Blogger) started publishing, it’s designs appear a bit childish today. Google owns your blog – they axed Reader – so acknowledge a bit less control upfront.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Over the internet there are various free blogging resources, some famous free blogs are blogspot.com, wordpress.com, webs.com, webnode.com, weebly.com etc.

      by Raina Michelle - 6 hours ago

    • For best WEB OPTIMIZATION results My partner and i highly recommend utilizing Google Search Bot: http://is.gd/gsbsoftware Utilizing that software I have ranked my site to very first page of Google on a high competing search term.

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • Try WordPress

      by ? - 6 hours ago

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      by judes - 6 hours ago

    • wordpress is awsome

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • Wordpress and blogger both good

      by Abbey - 6 hours ago

    • try blogger.com

      by Natz - 6 hours ago

    • Wordpress is good

      by Joann - 6 hours ago

    • If you want to run a free blog then you might be select wordpress.com, blogspot.com, webs.com. They provide free sub domain so you should run free blog using one of those service. You can also try your own blog using the following instruction: 1) You need buy a domain name. I suggest name.com, namecheep.com 2) You need to hosted your domain on any hosting place. My recommend: godaddy.com 3) Install wordpress and configure your domain 4) Then you need to select free or paid theme. I suggest you presscastle.com

      by bdCMC - 6 hours ago

    • wordpress.org download the script. find a nice name for u blog prefer u take a com. find a cheaphost . install u script . is very easy is a 5 min install. post u first blog post. and u have u own blog. than go to wordpress.org and see howmany plugins u can install very easy and free themes. wil take u a few days in toall to learn it . have fun

      by klaas - 6 hours ago

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