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    Anyone know how much it would cost to start making moonshine and sell legally?

    Other than the actual making of the moonshine, does anyone know how much licenses cost to sell liquor legally. I'm expecting to have to pay between $1000-$3000 for all the permits and tax stamps. I wouldn't be surprised if it costs more than $5,000 for everything. Any clue what it costs? Other legal problems? I don't have a criminal record (or if I do it's clean). Can I sell it out of my home or garage? Thanks a ton.
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    The regulations seem to be state specific, hard liquor is probably harder to do than beer or wine. Here's an Oregon state pro-liquor site, there is a downloadable license http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/pages/craft_distilleries.aspx types and rates document.
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    • Probably a minimum of $100,000 for all the licenses. Could cost you into the millions. Manufacturing food and beverages requires much more than you think.

      by falsi fiable - 5 hours ago

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