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    is Adword a great way to bring traffic to a new site?

    Anyone know what the conversion for an "average" PPC campaign is? I know Adwords cost money, and there are free alternatives out there, but my profits has a high margin and I'm willing to pay for initial traffic. Adwords is also faster than other methods when it comes to getting initial traffic. For example, although social media are great, in my opinion they are only helpful once you have some traffic. If you have 0 traffic initially, then I don't see how social media is going to help if no one know you exist. I'm also a loner with few friends on FB. So would Adword be a good tool for me? I'm also planning to sell on a major online forum that deals with my industry/niche. what do you think? thx
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    "Selling on a forum" would you be promoting your own site with Adwords? It was easier to make Adwords work in the early days of 2 cent clicks, now it takes a carefully tuned campaign to make it profitable, it's too expensive for just pumping up a site's traffic, since your paying a premium fee for well targeted prospects there should be a specific sales goal that makes it pay off. Broadly speaking, ecommerce site commonly have 1 sale in 50 to 200 visitors, some well tuned sites with repeat customers like Amazon do considerably better, multiply your adwords click cost times the number needed for a conversion and you can see how expensive it can be to secure one simple sale. Facebook paid ads would be a more direct way to prime the popularity of a social presence, though a FB page may be best for PR and not hard sales conversions.,
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    • Adwords may or may not help... it's an investment! I personally think that should be to market products or services that cost money, so you will get money back and probably even some profit! If it was just paid-per-click, it wouldn't be a too big of a deal, but the devil is... CPM. CPM= Cost Per Thousand Views, and even if someone doesn't visit your site, you still get charged. Unless you are marketing and are sure that your industry/product will give you profit or at least your money back, no to Adwords!

      by Qianmege Anyonumus - 7 hours ago

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