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    I need help buying an item from taobao?

    I've already contacted FIVE taobao agents from taobaospree, bhiner, taobaoring, taobaobuying, and taobaofocus, but none of them would buy the item I want because they say it's VIRTUAL. The item I want to get from taobao is account access to a Chinese music website (kind of like having to purchase an account to be a member of the Chinese music website). This is the link to the taobao item I was talking about: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=16557820733 I only try to find taobao agents who accept PAYPAL, but I'm not sure if there is any other agent/company who will help me buy the item. Any suggestions?
    3 months ago 5 Answers

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    You won't be able to buy it. Those sellers are only selling actual products that you can hold in your hand. You will have to go to a music forum and see if anyone is willing to share or sell their access to the site. But you will be breaking the rules of the music site because they don't allow accounts to be bought or sold. They want to know they are dealing with the person who originally set up the account.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I have ever bought VIRTUAL stuff game coin from Chinese taobao via an taobao agent AGREETAO. They support Paypal. You may try, good luck to you.

      by Anne - 7 hours ago

    • I know an Taobao agents which accepts PayPal which i've been using for a couple of months. Some of my friends use it too. This site helps us to buy Chinese products Real or Virtual. If you want, you can try.

      by Sandy - 7 hours ago

    • Yes,it's VIRTUAL Taobao agent Zarmark support Paypal. we are Taobao no.1 broker

      by zar - 7 hours ago

    • You may try this Taobao Agent. Some of my buddies bought many taobao products via it http://www.chicpieces.com/content/1853_policy-purchasing-agent

      by Shen D - 7 hours ago

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