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    Is NFL Redzone a product or service?

    So im doing a marketing term project and my "product" is something similar to NFL redzone. in fact, nfl redzone gave me the idea to create what i am doing. anyway, is it considered a product or a service?technically you could classify it into either category, but im trying to ease my paranoia as i write my marketing plan. as of right now i am calling it a service because the website constantly refers to it as a "subscription service" but they do drop the phrase "this product" every once in a while. also, it has me thinking it should be considered a product since in the NFL's disclaimer they refer to the game of football to be a "product of the brand NFL" any help would be great. sorry for the choppy unedited post, im heavily caffeinated at the moment.
    a year ago 3 Answers

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    The example is a clever way to show how marketing has changed. In the old days, the product was a bar of soap. The service was someone coming to clean your home. Very different. Now it is a product which you can see with your eyes because you paid for it to show up on your tv. And it is a service because someone else puts it on your tv for you. A smart marketer has to see how his work extends into 2 worlds.
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    • I would say it's a service, because the lesson I was taught is that it is not a product unless it is something that you could ever possibly hold. When I say that, I mean that it has to be a physical item.

      by Alex - 4 hours ago

    • It is both at the same time.

      by _-_ - 4 hours ago

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