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    What's the name of this marketing ploy?

    A contractor came by the other day to give a quote to my landlord (I rent a room out of a house) on a central air conditioning unit, and was quoted $11,000 if the contract was signed that day because of the "special programs" in place, but it would be $19,000 if my landlord waited a couple days. I naturally advised not to sign the contract, which he didn't anyway because he wanted to wait on a quote from Costco. Now, I know car-dealers love to use this strategy, but what's it called? And would you do business with a company that employs such a strategy?
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    He is creating a sense of urgency. If the homeowner truly could save $8,000 by making a quick decision, that would be great. But a skeptical person might wonder why prices would go up $8,000 in 48 hours.
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    • It's called "High Pressure Sales". I would never deal with any company that employed those tactics.

      by Bill - 8 hours ago

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