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    someone on craigslist is selling a $400.00 swimming pool for $40.00, is it legit?

    He said its low cost because the liner is patched up but when I asked for a picture he said he doesn't have one, just an ad picture. Is it legit because I don't usually go on craigslist to shop. Serious answers please.
    a year ago 6 Answers

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    Unless you can go in person to inspect it before buying it, it's not going to be legit. If they want you to send money, then it's a scam And there might be so many patches that the liner leaks anyway and cannot be fixed so you are spending $40 on something that will leak all over your lawn He's probably looking for someone to pay $40 to remove it from his lawn because it would cost him more to rent a U-haul then take it to the dump
    a year ago

    Other Answers

    • Never buy anything from craigslist.

      by ? - 5 hours ago

    • It's cheap because he is selling the water separatel!!!

      by -VENOMCLAN- - 5 hours ago

    • RED FLAG 1 - no picture for you (it might be in such a bad state - but why not send a potential customer a picture?) RED FLAG 2 - 400 down to 40 - NAH i would just ignore the advert and look elsewhere. Even if it is real which i doubt it will be more like a leaky sieve than some pool u can enjoy.

      by Captain - 5 hours ago

    • It is selling for $40 because it is worth $40 max. Once it is patched, it will never be as good as it was when new. So you are buying something that may last for 1 week or 2 years. That is why Craigslist is so much fun to use. You might be getting the steal of the century or you might be wasting your money. But $40 is cheap enuf for you to take the chance. Or you can offer him $20 and say that you will remove it today if he says yes.

      by Ed Atun - 5 hours ago

    • It's not legit, if someone were to sell a 400.00 pool for 40 bucks, it might be damaged/problems that happened

      by James - 5 hours ago

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