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    Where to sell artwork and greeting cards?

    I have sold my artwork at anime convention and crafts shows. And I want to do something different, any ideas? I am trying to get away from anime convention and crafts show because right now they are little too expensive for me. Everyone want to sell you for a $100. I only idea I have to sell at my friend's church, but they played around and I didn't get a chance to set up a table done. I also sold at Premier Flea Market Douglasville, GA. But I notice my target audience is not there and I didn't make much money there. Thank in advance And this is for offline only, No Etsy, Storenvy or Cafepress. Sorry! I want to sell face to face. Thank you
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    What about local art shows, flea markets on the weekends, or on Etsy? The art shows and flea markets will charge you a vendor price, sometimes $25-$100 for bigger events, but will give you access to advertise your business and display your business cards/flyers, etc.
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    • First you need a website that support payment such as paypal or others then you put both of your products on the site. Bring your site link to ebay, google, facebook or others social media site. More visitors means more selling for your products. You can use link below:

      by solution - 16 hours ago

    • My friend does very well on Ebay, Pinterest and Etsy.

      by Linda - 16 hours ago

    • Unless you're willing to open your avenues to working with online sales,charities & fundraisers you doom yourself to limited sales.You can not be the "face" on every sale.

      by SKIPPY - 16 hours ago

    • Look for art websites. My dad has his oil paintings up there online plus he goes to shows

      by EndersGame - 16 hours ago

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