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    How do I use 3 manufacturers coupons on the same item?

    Okay, I have been trying to figure out this mega savings coupon stuff. It's REALLY confusing!! Okay, let me see if I can explain this right (or just the way I understand it, anyway). They have a sale on Glade Plugins Scented Oil Starter Kits. 3/$3... Here is the link. http://freebeemonster.com/free-glade-warmers-at-walgreens/ Okay, so she says in order to get them all FREE, all you have to do is use 3 coupons, each for $1 off....sounds simple enough, right? WRONG! I found 3 (2 from one site, 1 from another because of limits per site) So now I have 3 coupons printed. Each of them is a manufacturers coupon. BUT how the hell do you use all 3 on ONE transaction?! Is it PER item? I thought they wouldn't let you do that on more than one transaction? Unless it's PER item, and them one would apply to each.... either way, it doesn't make sense to me... HELP? PLEASE?!
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    They are on sale 3 for $3. You use one $1 coupon on each.
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