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    Any ideas for a Ford Taurus Commercial?
    I'm in an advertising class and we have to make our own commercials for a product and I've been doing assignments on the Taurus all semester. Just wondering if anyone has a simple idea of one, I'm not asking you to write it all out or script it, just an idea.
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    It's a large sedan. How about something showing transportation of large people... like maybe sumo wrestlers or football players. Show how roomy it is. Or, maybe like they did with the Dodge Magnum by transporting band members and all their gear. Think of jobs that require a bunch of gear. They have a turbo model. Consider fuel efficiency or at least range if the fuel tank is large. They're traveling in a caravan of vehicles and they keep having to stop while the other cars refuel.
    a year ago

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    • Your first step would be to look at the positive qualities of the Ford Motor Company and its Taurus product line.

      by falsi fiable - a day ago

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