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    How do I get a sponsor for my animated web show?

    I'm trying to create an animated series (serial not episodic). I've been working on it for a little under a decade and now the only thing holding me back is my budget (I'm broke). I was hoping to get a sponsor but I have no idea how to do this. I have the plot, the character designs, and even the pilot episode script done. How can I get my idea to a potential sponsor to pitch it to them? Or are there other ways I can raise money for my series? (Other than Kickstarter?) Thank you for the answers.
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    you need to make a pilot episode first and show investors what they're getting , once you have one episode finished you find local investors who may want to support you and show it to them then tell them you need funds or post an episode on youtube and at the end put your contact info if anyone wants to support you nobody will support a concept , anyone can say i have a script for an episode and a concept , people who like it seeing it on screen is how you get money for the project
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