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    Which LED lighting manufacturer is known as reasonable prices and excellent quality and punctual delivery?

    I urgently need large quantities of LED landscape lighting as urban renewal, there is none LED lighting manufacturer in our country, the price of brand lighting businesses is too expensive to afford, anybody provide me some good LED lighting business, the most important is the reasonable price and high quality.
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    You would have referenced some brand LED lighting companies,the brand LED lighting enterprises over the world are currently Osram lighting located in German and the Philips lighting whose headquarter is in Netherlands and US Cree lighting , as well as Japan 's Panasonic and Sony and China 's NVC Lighting and Op lighting,absolutely, the quality of these lighting companies product can be guaranteed , but the price is often disappointing. I am a lighting designer and mainly responsible for the design and layout of the outdoor lighting of urban lighting for 10 years , outdoor LED floodlights as landscape lighting are currently applied to a large variety of commercial buildings such as commercial office buildings and hotels, supermarkets lighting , which is pretty appropriate for your desired decorative LED lighting, of course, we have cooperated with worldwide LED lighting suppliers in various countries, which are mainly from Europe and Asian,Europe and US are always known as LED devices R & D technology, as far as what you need is concerned,you’d better immediately contact Chinese lighting suppliers whose LED package technology finished is much leader than that of the Europe and Japan and other countries, and we have been co-operated with a LED lighting company called Lead Lighting(Chinese name is Li Sida)for more than two years , their outdoor LED floodlights with excellent waterproof, dustproof , heat dissipation and reasonable price , and style diversification can be fully highlight the characteristics of commercial buildings, moreover what the more commendable is they are famous for competitive price and timely delivery, I recommend you visit their website www.lead-lighting.com and www.ledclan.com , maybe you can find more preferable landscape LED lighting.
    a year ago

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    • I don't have a specific recommendation, but the massive marketplace for Chinese Manufacturers and Wholesalers is Alibaba.com

      by Jake - 2 hours ago

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