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    Does the diet coke really work or is it just a marketing strategy?

    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

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    What do you mean by "really work"? Does coke market it as a "healthier alternative". Yes. Is diet coke good for your diet? Of course not. Is diet coke better for your diet that regular coke? Less sugar but containing 'possibly' more harmful substitutes - that is questionable at best. It is marketing 101. Offer an alternative to widen the consumer base.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I drink Diet Coke because regular is too sweet and I don't like it. It's like being hooked on cigarettes. I prefer the taste of the diet sodas.

      by Hugo90 - a day ago

    • I would recommend all these are the technique of marketing to fool people don't go on advertising its very shocking being educated how you can believe in all these stuff. These are simple bull s**t to do business.

      by Azzi - a day ago

    • From what I heard, they are far worse than the regular coke. Because there are no sugars, they use other means to give it flavor. From what I remember, this ruins the way your body metabolizes sugar.

      by yamafanda - a day ago

    • Diet Coke doesn't make you lose weight. It's not a marketing strategy, either. The company relies on people who are not smart enough to realize this.

      by Mary Kontrarry - a day ago

    • In what context? Is it less calorific than regular coke? Yes. Will it magically turn you into an Adonis? No.

      by Paul - a day ago

    • Yes, it works: when you open the can, you can drink it.

      by Eliot K - a day ago

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