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    Should I hire a publicist in state or out of state?

    I am looking for a publicist and I was wondering if it's better to get one in state or out of state
    a year ago 2 Answers

    Best Answer

    Generally, it's fine to get one in-state. However, if the out-of-state one has a particular specialty or very specific contacts that you need, then work with the out-of-state one. But, really, with today's communication methods, the skill of the publicist is a lot more important than location. Hope that helps.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • In our days people are focused more on digital market.So it doesn't matter so much the location.More important is how well known is that publicist,does he/she has a strong online presence?If he/she get exposure for himself or herself , will do it for you as well.

      by maria m - a day ago

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