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    I am trying to sell my cartoon & I was wondering, where can I sell my cartoon,where there is no scam involved?

    I want to sell my cartoon I already paid my money to get it copyrighted, but I want to know where can I sell it, where people are not trying to rip you off and try to take your Idea? I just want to know who to look for, I am asking people around, but I have also notice too, not too many people want to tell you who to exactly go for and where to look for them, everybody is so secretive. An I know that there is a way, because it wouldn't have all these cartoons out here on television, if it wasn't; so I just want to know the details on where to sell it, for who you stand for, without somebody trying to jock your idea. I already had tried top shelf productions agency, but something was a little fishy about them, but good thing I got my stuff copyrighted, and if anybody decided to steal it, I can definitely sue; because I have a case number. I just want to know where is a good place to sell your cartoon, without getting rip off, to where you get paid your money's worth?
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    You should NOT have paid to get it copyrighted. Copyright is assumed naturally when anything is written/drawn/sung etc. If they stole your idea - even without you PAYING for copyright - they would be in breach and as long as you could prove you showed it to them before they made it by putting it in the bank safe with a signature a date. It is a good idea to Trademark the name and that you do have to pay for but that's a completely different thing.
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    • Copyright is free and automatic from the moment your creative work of authorship was put into a tangible form. You just need proof that you were the original author on some particular date, if it ever comes up. The US Copyright Office has absolutely not idea who is the author; they just took your money, checked that the form was filled out, and sent you the certificate. You're right that copyright may be enforced "all over the world". Copyright does not protect any "idea" or concept. Trademark ownership is also free and automatic. Non-registered trademarks can be enforced in the USA wherever you have actually done business, not just in your "city". You can optionally register a trademark in one or more US states or in the USPTO, and the latter gives you entree to international rights, under the Madrid Protocols...

      by beSee-n-u - 8 hours ago

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