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    Freelancer site where I can sell finished things?

    I do use Elance, but on Elance you look for projects and work on them... What I am looking for is putting up offers for selling things which are finished(Such as games, graphics, etc...).
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    There are market places like DeviantArt for designs, it's tougher to find buyers who happen to be interested in your particular designs than doing work to order. There are digital download shopping cart services that handle the logistics of delivering the goods, you would have to do all your own promotion to get people to your products. One example site new to me, that charges 10% of sales: https://www.distribly.com/
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    Other Answers

    • This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but have you considered oDesk? There too, you are actually looking for work but you may be able to how off some of your finished product. Often when you apply for a job on oDesk, they may ask you to supply examples of your work; depending on the type of job that you are looking at. This may be a way to get your product noticed, as well as supplementing what you already make. I would suggest looking into job categories that are in line with what you are currently doing.

      by Thomas - 19 hours ago

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