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    How do i stop Telemarketers from Calling me?

    I live in Australia, and in the last 24 hours i have gotten 6 calls from the same crap group that keeps claiming they are from Telstra and are trying to get me hooked on some fake plan that is supposedly "Cheaper " than what i am currently on as a "Reward for paying my bills on time" even though i am not with Telstra and the plan they are offering is more expensive than what I have. We have told them 4 out of the 6 times to stop calling us and demanded to be put on a Do not Call list. But they just keep calling.What can i do to stop them?
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    You have to go online and register for the do not call list...the company that is calling you cannot do it.
    a few seconds ago

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    • This is what I do: When they call, in the most serious robotic voice you must say : this call is being traced and monitored to ensure my safety. Right away their palms will start sweating, and their headset will become suddenly uncomfortable resting on their head. Then, you must laugh like a hyena. A demonic, possessed, hyena. This will enlist shock and surprise, and to really seal the deal you must put your phone on speakerphone and begin beating on your chest like a gorilla. This will let the caller know you are the dominant male in this "strictly business" relationship. Now here's when things start to pop off. Avoid using statements like "your mom got it for me" or "that's what she said" but at the same time you have to convince the caller that you are clinically insane and that you're going to murder his entire family. You're fed up with the calls, you performed a military grade backtrack to get his location, and you're coming for him.

      by charlie - 15 hours ago

    • Back in the USA and now in Singapore, I get threatening with them. They stop. In the USA law enforcement is a joke, so I never worried about any consequences. In Singapore said solicitation is illegal so what are they going to do? Maybe call the police and say, "We were illegally calling this guy and he threatened us with physical harm"? Just a suggestion.

      by Zero Tolerence - 15 hours ago

    • I would pretend you are someone else that lives with you or whatever and just say this person you are looking for ( you) has passed away. Please do not call this number again. I know it's not the nicest lie but it sure does work! Lol

      by Jackie - 15 hours ago

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