Where is a good place to sell my T-Shirts? I usually sell online but I want to sell in public today...?

I am an up and coming designer and I have some really cool T-shirts that I design...I usually sell online but I have some I want to sell in public today but have no clue where to go ...any suggestions would be great thank you.

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Swap meets, flea markets seem most common, but if you fit the fine art realm, some community art/jewelry shows may do, rent is hundreds a day for some of these.

One t-shirt method hot with online marketers is the crowd funding model, in which you submit a design, set a target sales quality (higher numbers have lower costs) when the target is met they produce and fulfill the orders, one can scale back the target quantify before the deadline at a sacrifice of margins.

They do real silk screening and seem to have better potential margins than those digital print on demand stores.

5 months ago

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Try innovative concepts that allow you do combine your design with customized clothing, e.g.

by Stefan Schneider - 5 months ago