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    Should I just not tell people I'm color blind?

    I'm a junior in high school, planning on becoming a graphic designer, but I'm blue-yellow color blind. I didn't actually find that out until the middle of last year, which was the year I went from homeschool to a private school. When we found out I was color blind they were all like "WHAT?! No way!!" because apparently my color choices in my artwork look even cooler to people who can actually see color. We found out when I accidentally colored my grass violet because we were using pastels with no labels (I'd already had a habit of looking at the labels on everything to make sure it was the color I thought it was even though I didn't know about my color blindness). I took a color arrangement test, and sure enough, I'm a Tritanope. But the thing was, everyone already knew my strong spot is art, especially digital art, so nobody had any second thoughts when they started asking me to do stuff for the school. This year I've basically become everyone's go-to graphic designer and have done the directory cover, yearbook cover, middle school paper logo, and choir t-shirts all upon request of the staff, and I'm not even in Multimedia or Yearbook because they wouldn't fit in my schedule. But when I get into college and eventually the real world, will it be to my disadvantage to tell people I'm color blind? I mean will people be like "Oh she's color blind, better not hire her." or "Better choose someone who can see colors like a normal person..."?
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    There are indications that Van Gogh had color definchies accounting for the odd pallet hey employed. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/27/vincent-van-gogh-colorblind-app_n_1834226.html Certainly when interviewing for long term employment your employer deserves to know your handicap, no doubt someone has tried to use it in handicapped discrimination lawsuits. It's always going to be a slight but defeatable disadvantage. but there probably are some nuances in masterworks that you can't appreciate as much, ultimately influencing your style.
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