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    I need help with a name for a clothing company I'm working on.?

    I have the logo. It's a crown. So I need a name that's not already taken. Please help, I'm stuck!!
    2 years ago 2 Answers

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    First I suggest the name is much more important than the logo, forcing yourself to only use a name that fits a crown may not get you the most engaging, memorable name. The words I cone up that are associated with a crown like Royal, King, Queen seem rather old fashioned. To find what's available, one can use the bulk search tools at domain name registrars like godaddy.com to check web site name availability of a list of name ideas at once, There are sites with tools that help you come up with fictitious names, including: wordlab.com, naming.net, wordoid.com, lingzini.com, namestation.com, domainsBot.com some of these tools look up the domain name availability as you go. If you find an available .com name, there's a high probability that it' not a trademarked name. You can also do a Trademark search at USPTO.gov
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    • There are two major elements here: what do you WANT your name to signify to your customers and whether that name (or similar) is already in use by others in any related field. @Jake's answer may have left you with the impression that a company name, a domain name and a trademark are governed by the same laws. That would be a potentially dangerous misunderstanding. A trade name is not a trademark unless and until is it USED as a trademark. It must be registered as a trade name according to your state and local regulations (i.e., a fictitious name or d/b/a statute). Similarly for a domain name. Rules for registration might overlap with some part of trademark law, but a domain name is globally unique and a trademark is not. There can be hundreds of concurrent users of similar trademarks all over the world, but only one domain name of that form. Trademark databases are useful to the extent you recognize that registration is completely optional in the USA, Canada, UK and a few other countries. You would also have to search (properly and diligently) for other similar brands already "in use in commerce" to avoid legal trouble arising from trying to use something similar. Trademark attorneys get paid to help you with these sorts of issues, so if you're thinking about investing any money in you brand, or you have any capital at risk in your venture, consider getting valuable legal advice from a local attorney schooled in how these things work in your jurisdiction.

      by beSee-n-u - 4 hours ago

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