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    I made a mistake while ordering something online?

    So I saw Eminem's post on facebook about selling a Shady vs. Everybody hoodie. I right away ordered it. I checked the email they sent me and i realized that THE ZIP CODE WAS WRONG! I made a typo! it was supposed to be 79853 and I somewhy put 79854. I replied to the email letting them know that i had made a mistake and I put the correct zip code and everything. I got a reply from i guess the bot that they were reviewing my email. Is it going to be corrected? I'm so scared. (From shady records)
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

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    Contact customer service.
    a few seconds ago

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    • In the email; world that 'bot' is called an Autoresponder. This may be a small time operator who checks their email hopefully once a day, the long delivery time may suggest it's coming from a print on demand service who might directly drop ship it, so the seller might have to pass the address correction to another party. FYI instead of Tornillo, they got the zip for Valentine, TX

      by Jake - 5 hours ago

    • Go to your order status and there should be an edit or cancellation option

      by rururu - 5 hours ago

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