I need some information about etsy. Help me etsy shoppers!?

OK so I was browsing through Etsy for some friendship necklaces, and I found some. It said in the title 3 pinky promise forever necklaces but it says under quantity: 1. So Im a little confussed if I actually bought 3 or not. And I also wanted to know how long it take for them to ship. The shipping price was cheap so it must be a while.

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It's probably 1 set of 3 necklaces.
Check the seller's page - there is usually a way to email them with questions.

5 months ago

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Just to add another possibility, it could be 1 nexlace with 3 charms, like this example:

Etsy only allows a single sale per listing, a set of 3 necklaces sounds unlikely, unless a matching 3 size set meant to be worn together.

by Jake - 5 months ago

you can search in the various search engine and get better answer.

by Karl Skotte - 5 months ago