SURVEY: Would you use a medical product if you knew that it was tested on animals? Simple Yes or No answer! :)?

If you'd like to add a short explanation, that would be great too; however, yes or no answers are fine! I need as many answers as I can get for a school project! Additionally, if you'd like to include your age, by writing a, b, or c.
a: 18 or under.
b: 18-60.
c: 60 or above.
Thank you so much for your participation!!! :)

5 months ago - 5 answers

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B, and it depends on the product. If it is something that could cure my type 1 diabetes or help from the side effects of having it for 35 years or anything that helps living with diabetes easier.

5 months ago

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Or to put it another way, I would not want to use a medical product that is untested on animals because what they are giving or doing to me is too cruel to do to a rat.

by thankyoumaskedman - 5 months ago

B, No, most companies don't tell you if they test on animals but if I found out that a company DID test with animals, I wouldn't use it or would stop using it

by Chrissy - 5 months ago

I don't really care. Simple. Plus, if it's not tested on animals, then how do I know it's safe for me xD?

by Becky - 5 months ago

yes - 22 years old

by Michael - 5 months ago