whats the best way to get in contact Plusnet customer support ?

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0844 507 5655 - Plusnet Customer Support Number

I contacted their customer support through this number and they were really friendly and helpful.

5 months ago

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Hi there,

Depends what you're after really?

The information here should help though -

If you're calling from a landline then use our 0800 number (it's free). If you're calling from a mobile then use the 03 number (it's taken from your inclusive minutes, 0800 numbers cost from mobiles).

Alternatively, if you're an existing customer then you can use the ticketing system/Help Assistant available on our website at

If you've a problem with your broadband connection then you can report a fault as

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Digital Care.

by Plusnet Digital Care - 5 months ago