want a short description about core process?

I am so much interested about core process,,,,any specialist here??? I just want short description about 4 type of core process,,like___
1)customer relationship
2)Supplier relationship
3)Order fulfillment
4)New product development


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Short description about core process____________

1)(Customer relationship) : Employees need to maintain a perfect relationship among external customers . For attracting them they offer creative quality , even some employee takes offensive strategy for increasing extra traffic(customers).

2)(Supplier relationship) :Suppliers are also important for core process same like customers . Employees have to maintain good relation with them for effective work ,negotiating fair prices and as well as scheduling on-time deliveries .

3)(Order fulfillment) : It is media between consumer and supplier , Supplier take order and make it perfectly in a time perfectly as a demand of consumer . It is focused by the great contribution among supplier,consumer and employee.

4)(New product development) : For attracting extra consumer employee develops new product . They design it for getting maximum output by minimum input .


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