Please fix this opening of business presentation for me and add on it if u can?

well good afternoon everybody and thanks for coming I'm glad that everyone managed to make it to the meeting today and delighted t share with you this great news , since 1833 our fashion house hasn't made new collection of Caps , we all know how caps are so fashionable nowdays especially between the youth, so I have considered intering into a joint venture with the famous company MDS's fashion house inorder to create a new collection of caps and hats , so I'd like to ask all of your opinions on that and study the facts ,

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I am assuming this is homework, and while I am not trying to be critical, there are many grammatical and spelling errors. I will re-construct the first sentence in the way that I would do it, I do presentations in my job every week.
Good afternoon and thank you for coming. I have some exciting news to share with you.

don't be too lengthy, get to the point but arouse interest. good luck

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