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I ordered a product more than 10 days ago and they have still yet to send me an update or shipping information.
At the website the 'contact' option just reverts me back to my original order page. This is actually what every menu option under 'customer service' does.
Anyone know how to get ahold of them?
If not, I would suggest never ordering from this shystie website.

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I'm afraid that shystie is the word for this 6 week old site, registered to a Vietnam address. I verified that all the footer links don't even go anywhere.

This complaint report the details of the site's domain name registration:

As long as you paid with a credit card or Paypal, you should be able to get a charge-back refund for a clear-cut case of non delivery.

You probably could have found the same item on a reputable site like Amazon.

For Next Time:

The 3 basic tests you can make of an online store.

1) Check the domain name whois owner information, many of the Chinese counterfeit sites will be immediately exposed, (anything from China would be fakes.)

2) Test 2: check the Contact Us page, if there is no identifying phone# or address forget it, imagine how easily an email alone can be ignored.

3) Search the web for complaints, try Googling: "" scam, to see if it's been submitted to fraud site registries, a site under 3 months old may not yet be included even it deserving.

5 months ago